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Tea Girl

I’m Ellen, and I’m from lovely South Tampa. Growing up, I thought there were only three types of tea: Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend and Darjeeling. Boy, have I learned differently! My unofficial title at TeBella is “Queen of the One-Liners,” and my current tea obsession is our TeBella Festival Blend. I love to pair my hot tea with Belgian cookies for dipping. My favorite drink, however, is a Peppermint Bark Fog (a holiday specialty). I could easily have that all day, every day.

Tea Girl

I’m Erin, and my hometown is Vero Beach, Fla. My unofficial title is currently “Top Tin Reacher.” It’s inevitable when you’re the tallest TeBella employee... As a musical theatre major, I like to sing...a lot! I’m notorious for serenading my TeBella girls while making tea. When it comes to tea, my favorite snack is a cranberry orange biscotti from our Davis Islands location. The tea I’m currently loving is Darjeeling, hot with milk and honey. My all-time favorite cuppa is Madam Apricot mixed with Apple Pear with honey – hot or iced!

Tea Girl

I’m Cassie, and I’m also a Tampa native. Jac has dubbed me the “Walking Pop-Up Video” because I know a lot of useless trivia (example: iced tea was first popularized at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis!). If I had to choose a favorite tea, I’d say it’s Darjeeling with a bit of milk. A cup of Darjeeling with a piece of toast (...or a salted caramel french macaron) at the end of the day? It can’t be beat. Right now, I’m also stuck on Florida Orange Blossom, iced with a smidge of honey. It tastes like summer and home.

Tea Girl

I’m from a little village known as Valrico, the valley of gold. My unofficial title is “Jac, The Girl Who Used to Like Only Coffee.” Fun fact: I have enjoyed a cup of tea in Paris, Florence, Rome, London, Salzburg, Dublin, Frankfurt, and the lovely Davis Islands. My favorite treat with a cup of tea is a vanilla french macaron, of course. Or a bagel. Or a cookie. Anything round and sweet will do. And as much as I am currently loving Madagascar Vanilla, my all-time favorite tea has to be Chocolate Orange Truffle.

Tea Girl

Hello! I'm Siarra Sherako and I just graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science. I am a long time Floridian originally from Vero Beach, FL, with just a few years spent in Alabama, North Carolina and upstate New York. I have always loved tea, but the first time I actually experienced loose leaf tea was when my Mima introduced me to a white chocolate rooibos. I fell in love and have been trying all different types of tea since, especially when I was in chilly Thousand Islands, NY. It's the perfect thing to warm you up. My tea of the moment I'd have to say is our herbal Apple Cinnamon. I love the nuttiness!

Tea Girl

Hi! I’m Stevanni. I was born and raised here in the Tampa Bay area, and I love it. Although it is rare, I enjoy being outdoors with a cold glass of tea when I have free time from school or work. My favorite tea, hot or iced, would be Mint Julep, but I like to switch it up every once in awhile with a Matcha Lemonade or our Strawberry Mango black tea.

Tea Girl

Hi, my name is Isabella and I have always had the honor of calling Florida my home! I am a new member of the wonderful TeBella family and I could not be happier. I am head over heels in love with the iced Strawberry Mint Julep as well as the Pear Ambrosia. Even though I have my favorite teas I do love to try something new as often as possible to broaden my TeBella knowledge. My new favorite sweet treats are the marvelous, mouthwatering macaroons accompanied by a nice cup of tea hot or cold. TeBella Tea Co. will forever and always be my tea obsession!

Tea Girl

I’m Julie! I am a Florida native, born and raised in Central Florida. I moved to Tampa in 2011 and fell in love. My all time favorite tea is Jasmine Silver Needle. This fragrant tea pairs so well with almost any other teas that are fruity or floral. I enjoy mine with a touch of honey.

Abigail StClair
Tea Guru & Owner

I opened a tea shop so that I wouldn't have to choose my favorite tea, but my desert island tea would probably be Earl Grey. Ideally, it would be a desert in France where I could grow my own lavender just to mix it up a bit ;) I am absolutely addicted to French macarons and warm scones straight from the oven. I also love pairing chocolate desserts with Earl Grey or Golden Monkey. Fun Fact: My first few years after college were spent as a whale trainer at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut working with their collection of belugas. Now, nearly 10 years later, my three year old son loves to tell random strangers in line at the grocery store that his mom used to swim with whales.

Sawyer StClair
The Cute One

Sawyer's favorite tea is whatever Abigail is drinking or anything fruity like Kiwi Coconut Cherry (although lately he's favoring the 2013 first flush Darjeeling--Abigail's proudest moment as a mother). His favorite tea snack is scones (but only if he uses his manners). Fun fact? Sawyer likes to drink Darjeeling out of a china tea cup and has to use a saucer.

Tea Girl

Web Ninja

I'm not really a team member, but I help keep the web lights on and the shopping cart running. My day job is running a craft brewery in St. Petersburg. Fun fact, I've read two full books about tea (it's true!) I consider the Social History of Tea a great anthropological dissertation on the socio-economics of tea in various regions and eras. Tea-wise I heart Mint Julep, but I drink about 90 oz. of Dark Rose a day. How else do you think tebellatea.com stays up? Happy tea drinking!